Transitioning Transition California

Greetings Transition California Community

It has been a privilege and honor to have created and managed the Transition California Network. My path is taking me down specific areas of focus so that I can continue doing my part in our collective transition.

I am pleased to inform you that I am passing the helm of Transition California to Daniel and Darlene Cavallaro 'Dandarius', owners of SeThInk Media and founders of the Interdependent Project Sustainable Matrix web portal.

Daniel & Darlene live in Nevada City California and are extremely committed to the transition toward sustainable living. SeThInk Media, a digital publishing company, is now the official sponsor of the network to ensure this community continues to grow and evolve as a major Transition resource for information and connection here in California.

They will be sending their own greeting broadcast sharing with you more details, asking for your ideas and feedback on any changes you would like to see here in the network, and facilitating community endeavors that will further this communities evolution. Ning has launched the new plans and I want to assure you that this network will now have more powerful support and features with the plan it is subscribed to.

Bob Banner

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