Meet New TCA Assistant Admin - Darkin Tanner

We are happy to introduce to the community new assistant admin Darkin Tanner!

Darkin Tanner joins the SeThInk Media team as our new media director and will be the new assistant admin for this community! 

Darkin is your voice guide in the new video tutorials that have been released to help you get the most from being a member of this online community network and he is happy to be available now to help members of the SOS community with any questions or assistance needed.

As media director SeThInk Media he manages all facets of video/audio production and he brings his media, photography, and computer skills to the table with a smile that lifts everyone's spirits and hearts!

Darkin is studying Mathematics and is involved in facilitating poetry performances and gatherings.  He enjoys computer animation, photography, poetry, and exploring the frontiers of science and art...and he likes dubstep :-) (see video below)

Darkin is interested in alternative energy and the discovery of new viable means of harnessing energy on this planet.
Here is what he says about the transition: 

"The transition to a new  future requires new thinking to break into a new paradigm of existence. Exploration of new ways of living are interconnected with viewing what we have already done and making a comprehensive assessment on where we are now. Current limitations are backwards, and new models are necessary in order to live within proper limits that emulate the limits of nature (which give room for unlimited thriving) There is much to do, good thing we have more people on the planet than we ever have had :)"

Darkin will be contacting members and welcoming new members as well as helping grow and evolve this community network!

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