My dear friends,
The news below relate to the people who care about the Earth's and Man's ecology, so I thought they might be interesting to you.

1. For natural healing followers we have just launched a new product line: Honey bee products - bee pollen, propolis, bee bread, comb cappings, royal jelly, etc.:
2. For organiс gardeners we present Bio fertilizer Baikal EM1 based on Effective Microorganisms technology which is totally natural and environmentally friendly. It increases crops productivity by 2-3 times and restores the soil:
3. Some useful info in addition to the Russian flat-cutter (Ploskorez Fokina) article:
4. In conclusion we want to kindly remind you that Eco-minded Club website has a special page where everyone can leave their feedback or a critical note about our service: . )))

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