This was originally posted by Kirsten Schwind on Oct. 20th 2009 under the 'book reviews'. We are moving it here because we are deleting that tab and did not want to lose this resource:

Bay Localize is proud to announce the release of its Community Resilience Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for Transition Initiatives and other community groups interested in sustainability! The Toolkit
provides tools for creating energy descent plans, including
sector-specific big picture analysis, action menus, group facilitation
guides, and 10 steps to program planning. The Toolkit covers the areas

- Food
- Water
- Energy
- Transportation and Housing
- Jobs and Economy
- Social Services and Civic Preparedness

Download your free copy at

We wrote this resource for you, to help our movement gain traction on the ground with concrete actions! We invite you to post reviews here or
send us feedback directly, which we will incorporate into future

For a hopeful future,

Kirsten Schwind
Program Director, Bay Localize

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