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Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index Shows More Than One Million Clean Energy Jobs Exist

National study, from the third quarter of 2013, also notes an increase in alternative fueling stations and ranks the top states in energy efficiency

Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, a tool to compare states’ use and development of clean energy, found more than one million job postings in the clean energy sector from July 1, 2013, through September 30, 2013. This shows a 54 percent increase in…


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Kin's domains of the Earth!

Kin's Domains of the Earth series DVDs - absolutely amazing! - now available in Digital Download for 9.95 USD only! http://www.spaceoflove.com/slavnoye/slavnoye.htm ,…

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Ecotech Institute’s Power Utility Technician Program Addresses Growing Need for Talent in the Sector

More than 10,200 Power Utility Jobs were Available in the Last Year; Industry Insiders See Looming Talent Gap

The Power Utility industry is experiencing a massive demographic shift and employees who know both conventional grid and smart grid technology are in demand. With a growing number of retirees and new technologies cropping up, a new generation of power utility technicians is critical for the industry. Ecotech Institute, which focuses entirely on preparing students…


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Reviving Rivers: A Sign of Hope for the Colorado

By Suzanne York,  6degreesofpopulation.org.

With over 7 billion people on the planet, demand for water for household, agricultural, and industrial use is increasing even faster than population growth.  Many areas, such as the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico, are already experiencing competing demands on water in a region heavily…


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Restore the Earth

Want to leave a Handprint?  Restore the Earth is a campaign that is about working to restore the great ecosystems around the planet; forests, oceans, freshwater, tundra, corals and the soils – they are the greatest allies we have for our future, to give us a better quality of life, clean air, food security, pure water and…


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Green Optimization

In the movement to "go green" and the increasing demand for products that deliver a sustainable practice to buyers fingertips, a lot has been going unmentioned within the circles of the press. 

The energy used to manufacture and transport products is often hidden, and it can be the prime…


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Biomimicry - Using Nature's Ideas

Recently I've been watching lots of TED Talks online, and I've been finding lots of inspirational content that deserves to be shared. One of the talks was by author Janine Benyus, who has devoted her time to showcase Nature's genius. Biomimicry is her latest…


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Meet New TCA Assistant Admin - Darkin Tanner

We are happy to introduce to the community new assistant admin Darkin Tanner!

Darkin Tanner joins the …


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What the California Homemade Food Act Means to Transitioners

Most of us who grow our own food in small organic gardens know that there is usually always a surplus that is freely shared with friends,…


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The Worry Over Water

By Suzanne York, www.howmany.org. Original article posted at www.populationgrowth.org…


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One Voice to reach others who are not in our community

An op-ed / blogging campaign focussed around a single issue (like Climate Change in Here Now and our governmental bodies, large and small, have to do something about it today). If everyone in California flooded the newspapers, the blogs, the online commenting forums, the airwaves...all with one message.  In addition, back it up with letters and calls to Sacramento.

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My 2012 Transtion Goals & Resolutions

New years resolutions often involve commitments to change some…


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The Rio Agenda: Population is Part of Sustainability

Some top thinkers recently gathered in Washington, DC to strategize on population, women’s rights and environment issues. Experts met at the Aspen Institute on January 12th to discuss “The Road to Rio: Climate Change, Population and Sustainability” and find ways to collaborate and shed more light on these…


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Permaculture demo with hands on in the California Valley


I am starting a permaculture demo side in the California Valley(learning dessert gardening) Any more people interested in learning and doing hands on permaculture practices with experienced educated permaculturist ?Reply to Apple.acupuncture@yahoo.com

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Kombucha equals currency

I am posting a blog about swapping goods for goods. The author is a member of International Transition Towns, Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D and that is what really got my attention and thought it was something good to share. Here is what Sherry had to say. "

My hometown, Mount Shasta, California, is participating in the international Transition Town movement. We are officially a Transition Town and are actively trying to build a strong, sustainable,…


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"A New We' and the EcoVillage Movement

When our team discovered 'A New We - EcoVillages & Ecological Communities in Europe' by Austrian documentary filmmaker, Stefan Wolf, we immediately made contact to propose an 'interdependent partnership' and publish a digital download version of the film. 


Our goal was to direct part of our portion of the proceeds to the…


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