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It's Not a Burning Man Festival but ....

I am the facilitator of an event like the Burning Man Festival that will be hosted in Australasia, and invitations to participate are being emailed all over the planet.

At ‘Burning Man’ there is no other agenda than ‘being there’. Leaving the old civilization behind.

There on a Nevada salt lake, humans form modern tribes on a blank landscape.

This in essence, is just a concept and vision manifested.

That is why we say our event is to be based on the principles inherent in… Continue

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Mission Statement GSG

The Global Sustainability Gathering.

The GSG is an event which changes our perception of what is happening in the world today – away from the negative to the positive.

It thus becomes a benchmark event which helps us chart our way through an uncertain future.

It is to be a pioneering global face to face networking experience which takes place with-in the confines of a small rural town, not a capitol city.

The town which hosts the event most likely… Continue

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An invitation to participate

At this critical time in our planetary history of climate and social change, do we now need a global face to face gathering?

I believe we do, but not like the 6,000 people that the UN invited to Nairobi in 2006.

For some years now we have been convinced of the great virtue and benefits of face to face networking gatherings, ask any one who has been to a Burning Man Festival!

Internet social networking sites are a… Continue

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What's my name?

This little posy has been driving me crazy for over a year. I found it growing at Laguna Lake when I was walking my 15 year old malamute border collie mix, Major pup. He’s old, so there is a lot of stopping when we go walking. That’s O.K. with me. It gives me a chance to check out the flora. That’s when I came across this little beauty. It is a creeper. It has lovely little pink flowers with yellow centers. It grows in very dry, distressed… Continue

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Black and Yellow spider

Picture is by Mark Moran

This is a black and yellow argiope aurantia spider. It is setting up housekeeping on my red clover. It makes a very interesting perfectly round web. I notice it every morning when I water. Sometimes I will give it a little misting just to see the beautiful web pattern. It always has 3 or 4 insects neatly and tightly wrapped up in certain spots on its web. A very uninteresting and slightly intrusive neighbor was… Continue

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The Following

Ever since primitive man began to think, the words of our ancestors and of the gods, supported by the actions and spirit of our forefathers, have constantly impressed on us that life is the calamity for man, not death.

Death gives freedom to our souls and lets them depart to their own pure home where they will know nothing of any calamity; but while they are confined within a mortal body and share its miseries, in strict truth they are dead.

For association of the divine with mortal… Continue

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There exists today, a trinity of situations that confronts those of us who live in Western culture: global climate change, the peak and eventual end of non-renewable sources of fossil fuels (oil and gas), and economic meltdown. These issues are old news for much of the world. We in the wealthier nations are going to join the global community in attempting to find ways to survive and live amidst enormously trying circumstances.

There are individuals who have been aware of these issues… Continue

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Health Insurance

Until losing a job for the first time in my 30 year career a year ago, I never realized the enormous benefit employers provide when they give employees Medical insurance and Dental insurance as part of their compensation. I am about to start a new job and am excited to have full coverage once again. Do not underestimate the value of this when looking for a job.

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Show Me The Money

You may have seen this blog on other sites.  I wrote it quite awhile ago...



Allow me to say at the outset that I am 56 years old. The sky has been falling for most of my life, and it has never once hit the ground that I know of. My childhood home had a fallout shelter because the Soviets were going to bomb us back to the stone age. Jesus was going to rapture the church and the Tribulation would follow. Global cooling was bringing…


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