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Save a frog with your camera

Social networking to save frogs

Brian Gratwicke

A powdered glass frog, Cochranella pulverata, from Panama is shown here. A new social-networking website allows citizen scientists to upload their photos of frogs to help conservationists track frogs…


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The Freeholder and Wild Ones Pledge to Transition! Forward!

My idea goes like this, me and whoever likes this plan, pledge, as I now do, to be growing and foraging all my food within one year. I also pledge, the next year to harbor and feed another, who has pledged, for one year, allowing them to use their money to buy land, or become ready to rewild. In the old culture all begins in debt and ends in debt. If someone had done this for me twenty years ago, think how many…


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Organization Sign On Oppty for pesticide regulation

We are at an important crossroads in the ongoing effort to safeguard people and the planet from pesticides, and we need your help. We have filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that pesticide evaluations adequately safeguard endangered wildlife and human health, through the strong legal protections and rigorous scientific review process of the federal Endangered Species Act.…


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iMatter March this Sunday, May 8 in San Francisco, and around the Nation

I'm going to the iMatter March this Mother's Day   It's linked with Kids v Global Warming.  Starts at 1 pm at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco.  For more information google iMatter march.  I believe there are marches around the country.  To meet me at the SF march, look for the polar bear suit.

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Urban Homesteading! - A New Book by Transition California Member Rachel Kaplan

A comprehensive and inspiring guide to self-reliance, sustainability, and green living for city dwellers.

The urban homesteading movement is spreading rapidly across the nation. Urban Homesteading is the perfect “back-to-the- land” guide for urbanites who want to reduce their impact on the… Continue

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Wildcrafting #6 Upgrading to Forager: Mallow, Wood Sorrel and Pine Needle Tea

If you have read the other wildcrafting pieces then I think you deserve to be upgraded to forager. Crafting is a hobby. What we are doing now is a little more than a hobby so that is the reason for the upgrade. Congratulations. Now on with the show.

As a kid I always munched the stems of these little yellow flowers.…


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State Owned Banks - Are they a missing piece to the puzzle?

We have been learning about the success of North Dakota's State owned bank over the decades so we wanted to post this video we found and add it to the growing list of resources on the 'Great Economic Transition' page. 



Here are some links for further reading and research:



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"A New We' and the EcoVillage Movement

When our team discovered 'A New We - EcoVillages & Ecological Communities in Europe' by Austrian documentary filmmaker, Stefan Wolf, we immediately made contact to propose an 'interdependent partnership' and publish a digital download version of the film. 


Our goal was to direct part of our portion of the proceeds to the…


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