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OMG Look What My Earthworms Did!

They saved me $9. Or made me $9 worth of organic compost. That's what this 5 pound bucket of organic compost would cost me at Home Depot. I just harvested this in less than an hour. It cost me nothing

to make. Labor was free. The earthworms did it for nothing.…


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How to start a Movement. Just do it.

Ring-a-ling, Ring-a- ling, Hello?

Just Pick up the phone and dial the number. Send that email. Just do it. The rest will happen. Had my 3-way…


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Broken Souls (Book/screenplay)

Broken Souls is a screenplay that was adapted from the book of my true life story entitled, " The Torment’s of the Modest, Secluded Farm Life".

I attended private school and was constantly under pressure from my strict parents who believed that being "sheltered" from the world was the only way to live a pure and healthy life. I was repressed in everything that I did as I grew up in that environment. I was never exposed to any of the realities that most children of today can see by just… Continue

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Titans of Transition

This image is dedicated to these Titans and as we move deeper into 2010 may we all take time each day to nurture ourselves and strengthen our interdependent bonds.

We know as we awaken to our own personal power to create the world we

all envision there will be many who arise from our collective who embody

the characteristics that we are all cultivating within ourselves. As

leaders of… Continue

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