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the principals of grassroots

it occurred to me today what is so cool about grassroot movements. the cool thing is you are dealing with the principals. people in charge of everything. they can change a light bulb or the direction of a company in the same breathe. things get done quicker and you feel more a part of what is happening. your input is important and makes a difference. you can see things happening as you speak so to speak. it is actions-speak-louder-than-words in the flesh. unlike a big company that is 46 menu… Continue

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Garden update!

[Hi all! This is a repost from our wordpress blog at Go there for photos, links, and lots of other cool stuff!]

I’m not very good at the whole “right on schedule” thing, I must admit. That said, here are a few shots of the “winter” garden just as we start to transition into a “summer” garden.

Here in SLO we should probably label the seasons “wet” and “dry,” but I’m splitting hairs.

I’m afraid we pulled some of the leeks a tad early. (Sorry,… Continue

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Giving more with less

[Hi all! This is a repost from our wordpress blog at Go there for photos, links, and lots of other cool stuff!]

I made a lot of money last year; I spent quite a bit of money, too. Around December I made a calculation of my finances to date:

* A lot - quite a bit = not very much left over.

With this number in my head, I made a firm commitment to take stock of my finances and gain control of my… Continue

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Not for vegans, the omnivores delima

I was having a discussion with someone last night about the statistic I read that a one person breakfast cost 110 barrels of fossil fuel per year. . The fellow I was talking with immediatley challenged the idea and being caught off guard I wanted to e him some more facts. Its all about the packaging , transportation harvesting, fertillizing and subsidizing.

I found this instead which isnt quite what I need. Anyone know of a site that financially… Continue

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Red wrigglers

[Hi all! This is a repost from our wordpress blog at Go there for photos, links, and lots of other cool stuff!]

Thank you, Freecycle! We just picked up two real (as in designed for the purpose) worm bins. And we even got the red wrigglers. Now, along with our homemade bin, we will have plenty of compost and castings. Plenty.

Worms and all!

The woman who freecycled the bins told us that she had gotten… Continue

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The clothesline saga continues...

Hey all! This is a repost of the article from our wordpress blog at My lovely wife, Denette, wrote this. Enjoy!

First, can someone please tell me why I decided not to get a dryer in the middle of the rainy season? Still, I have managed to hold my laundromat trips to a minimum; two precisely. And that was to dry the thicker towels and blankets. I do believe that in the nearly 2 months I have not had a dryer, that is pretty… Continue

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Peas for St Paddy's day.

Nipomo Ag land will see greener days.

It is extremely windy today in Nipomo. I'm a little late to plant peas but here it goes anyway. Happy St Pats to all my green friends.

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Has anyone heard about this? Are you aware of a concept called global dimming. I always knew about city lights making stargazing impossible in town. Global dimming is more about the pollution in the atmosphere blocking sun and starlight.

Here is a link from nova.

Recent extreme global dimming was circa 1800's, the summer that never was" they called it. Frankenstien was written that summer by Mary Shelly while most stayed in… Continue

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Transition East Bay Film potluck/film screening last night

We had a good ol' time last night at the TEB potluck plus film screening. At least a dozen new faces. All of them beautiful, smiling. Early on we kicked it in the gorgeous, huge yard in the back of Humanist Hall. Fantasies about cutting those trees down and growing food. Then we ate the delicious dinner that Pauly made. The organic yogurt / local fruit dessert thing I made came out better than I expected. Many joys and connections during dinner.… Continue

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To Feel Lucky as Collapse Progresses / Tom Friedman's Awakening

Slow collapse is what we need, if possible. As bad as this seems, "So far so good." The kind of fast collapse from a massive interruption in oil supplies is much harder to handle.

The system is teetering on many levels, and there are uncertainties, but fall it will. Many people around the world are hurting, but not those who have a secure connection to a fruitful, healthy land base belonging to their community.

In the U.S., where the Census no longer has a designation for… Continue

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How do you build a movement?

Today I went down to volunteer for a committee. I love being on committees: I feel so...official and important. Like I'm in charge. After all, I was the president of my 4-H chapter. I know Robert's Rules of Order and everything. And I have a special fondness for officialspeak: "WHEREAS the party of the first part, blah blah blah..."

Sorry, got a little sidetracked.... Where was I? Oh yes, the group I'm volunteering with is planning to hold a summit. It'll be their 8th. And I can… Continue

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American Disablities Act

Some of my best friends are handicapable. I have worked with United Cerebral Palsey as a volunteer teaching music, drama director putting on skit night. I have been on many field trips to lopez Lake, zoos, theaters.and even Alaska. Opening my place to handicapables is a joy for me and also a LAW.

Thank you Lindsay Swan
for the research

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Thank you to Cal Poly Students for doing the research.

Esp. Lindsay Swan and Cassidy


The Zoning Department is the authority on paving materials. We could not reach the Department of Planning and Building today, so until we do, please consider the following is a list of sustainable materials found at (as recommended by Cal Poly’s College of Environmental Design):

· RIGID… Continue

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Sea Foraging...... Adventure Sports Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara and beyond.

Thanksgiving last year I signed on to the the Vision, a dive boat out of Santa Barbara. Dennis the dive master has a terrific class called Sea Foraging that I plan on taking this spring.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, California Paella, yummmmmmmmmm.

Check the web site

The foraging and kelp pickling class sounds like a winner. I'm hoping to take this class. If so I will be glad to ride… Continue

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Non-Profit Registration

Reasons for starting a non profit

I want to establish a non profit to support foster students over the age of 18 that want to continue their education.

I was not an official foster child but I had no support for college from my family. A friends mother was good enough to take me in for 15 dollars a month, in the 60's. I graduated with a degree in Art at at Long Beach State.

Thank you Betty Beth you gave me a chance.

now I would like to pass it forward thru… Continue

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Wildflower Displays in the Central Coast Cheap Thrills

Here is a site that mentions several places to see spectacular displays.

I've seen others sites with up dated material but I cant find it now.

I love this time of year. The days lengthen and the sunny daze are ahead.

More time for late afternoon walks in my favorite places. We are in for a lovely… Continue

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Bermuda grass experiment

Cowboy joke. How do you get rid of bermuda grass? Move.

If you have any non chemical solution to this pervasive problem, I'm open. I've tried the Ruth Stout method of smothering with mulch which seems to work but everytime someone comes to work here it gets cleared as somthing that should go into the compost pile. It's an ever lovin battle to continue to explain her theories.

Many landscapers say you can drink Round Up it so SAFE but I cant and havent for 20yr on this… Continue

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Song of a Man Who Has Come Through

I picked this up off another site, and thought I'd share its beauty here. ~jn

"... Toward the end of his life, after the storm and stress had cooled, D.H. Lawrence wrote a poem about the coming of a new spirit into time. This poem, rightly titled "Song of a Man Who Has Come Through," speaks to the issues of these pages and illuminates them in images both potent and profound. For it is only in poetry that the news of the universe can be delivered fully, and heard with the… Continue

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Felicitys Farm Share

Frosty cold this morning but the sun is up and the sky is clear. Tony is unloading wood to use in the garage upgrade.

Moving personals to storage so that I can invite people to join in the vision. We will be using storage items in yard sales and ebay projects to create cash flow.

Hunkering down for the good life.

Empty drawers empty closet, shredding papers, times are changing and I feel really good about the future.

I just took another step toward my… Continue

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Report from Film Screening "11th Hour"

Tonight we ate chips, drank wine and watched this film, which was a series of short interviews with global environmental movement stars including: Paul Hawkin, David Suzuki, Thom Hartmann, Paul Stamets, and (forgive me for not remembering the names of the following), the author of a book on biomimicry, the founder of Bioneers, the founder of Arcosanti, that guy who makes recycled carpeting, environmental writers from the NY Times and the Economist, and many others. The movie included strong… Continue

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