Who Are We?

This network was previously 'TRANSITION CALIFORNIA' whose mission was (and still is) to connect, support, and network Transition Town Initiatives throughout the State of California and provide information/resources that enable individuals and their communities to transition to sustainable models and systems.

This network was originally created by a 'Titan of Transition' Les Squires who is the original Creator and ongoing host of the Transition U.S. Network, subsequently renamed Transition in Action Social Network and the Transition Towns network for New Zealand.  Les created over 400 Transition Town networks and has tirelessly worked to provide support and resources to TT initiatives all over the U.S. and beyond.


The network was then managed by Bob Banner, owner of Hope Magazine and in July 2010 management was handed to Darlene Cavallara  when her company, SeThInk Media, which became sponsor of the network.  SeThInk Media was a digital publishing company that was developing itself as a “Common Good ‘B’ Corp” and was dedicated to helping sustainability projects and organizations navigate the 'Wild West Web'.  Darlene and her team launched the Interdependent Project as the main multi-media web portal that showcases sustainable 'solutions' in 2008 and then the Interdependent Project Radio, Seeds of Sustainability Education Series, and the private EcoVillage Community Sphere in 2009. 

Darlene and her team moved to Colorado in 2013 as part of their '7 Year Leap Agenda' and the network was partially managed by Darkin Tanner who took over the SeThInk Media business while the group was 'in transition'. 

In 2016 the network was changed to the Regenerative Communities Network to serve a global community of groups, individuals, organizations, businesses and local governments world wide who are advancing from just 'sustainability' concepts and technologies to 'regenerative' systems and principles. 

This network is now sponsored by ReGenesis Media and is undergoing its 4th 'rebirth'.

Permaculture, Transition Towns, The Great Transition Initiative, the Earth Charter Initiative, Local Economies, Local Food, Renewable Energy, Biotic Farming, Eco-Agriculture, Organic Farming, Natural Building, Industrial Hemp, Low Impact Sustainable Community Development (EcoVillages), Ocean Preservation & Remediation, Soil Health, Climate Change Solutions, Social Environmental & Economic Justice are all part of 'Regenerative Community' and this network is to help support action based campaigns and events that promote and further the goals of our collective evolution.


The Transition Town Movement is at the root of this network and we honor all the members who have been a part of this community since it was first launched.  You are all truly 'Titans of Transition'....

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. - Buckminster Fuller

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