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March 20, 2013

Greetings Transition California Community!


Happy Spring Equinox to everyone and I hope your day was as balanced as the the night/day of this time of year. Spring is always everyone's gear up to grow time of year and we trust everyone is getting their seed starts going...I am a bit behind in that department right now but I am planting seeds that will hopefully sprout some very exciting projects for our own local transition efforts.


Every now and then I cruise the web looking for interesting projects that could use some attention and this past week we found a website called 'Restore the Earth' campaign which is about "working to restore the great ecosystems around the planet; forests, oceans, freshwater, tundra, corals and the soils – they are the greatest allies we have for our future, to give us a better quality of life, clean air, food security, pure water and to fight climate change.

The campaign message is simple – we can all do something positive and play our part in the vital effort to restore the planet’s eco-systems; through our positive handprints." Click here to read more....

In Sustainable Solidarity




February 9, 2013

Greetings Transition California Community!



Every since I began sponsoring this community network I have intended to create video tutorials on 'how to' navigate and effectively utilize the community platform. Everything from how to set up your profile page to posting events can now be easily learned with these video tutorials that the new SeThInk Media team have created.

New team member and assistant admin Darkin Tanner narrates these short subject titled videos to help new members to easily get started and current members who have never used a platform like this before can now easily update profiles and begin easily sharing information and resources. Darkin will also be actively engaging with the community and helping this network to evolve as a tool and vehicle for effective transition projects and initiatives. His studies in math have led him to become passionate about alternative energy sciences and his commitment to a fully transitioned culture is deep. I am stoked to have him on the team. Read the intro blog post here


Over the coming weeks I will be contacting members and updating the network as part of our New Beginning - Year One Post 2012 7 Year leap to 2020!

In Sustainable Solidarity



February 8, 2013

Greetings Transition California Community!


I wanted to get this quick broadcast out that now until Feb. 10th you are invited to watch 'Genetic Roulette' online screening as a part of the producers celebration for winning an award:


Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives was just awarded the Top Transformational Film of 2012 by AwareGuide!

More than 15,000 people from 50 countries voted for 30 films, including three on this year’s Academy Award shortlist. But Genetic Roulette was the "clear winner" by a wide margin.

This honor is the second award for Genetic Roulette, which also won 2012 Movie of the Year by the Solari Report. In celebration of all those who voted (and whose lives were transformed by the movie), Institute for Responsible Technology is extending their free screening through February 10th.

Take advantage of this opportunity to forward this important film to all of your close personal friends, share with others on Facebook, Tweet and other social media forums ~In peace ~ Stephenie Chague.


HELP STOP FDA APPROVAL OF GMO SALMON - We now bring you news right out of your favorite science-fiction novel… Genetically Modified Salmon, the first genetically modified animal in the united states, coming soon to a store near you. READ MORE HERE AND TAKE ACTION NOW LINKS

YEAR ONE OF POST 2012 - 2012 was a powerful year of reviewing, strengthening, reconciling, building, establishing, and reuniting with our core intention.... READ MORE

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August 17, 2012


Greetings Transition California Community!




Mandatory labeling of GMO's, Clean Air Cities, Urban Farming Guys, California Homemade Food Act (AB1616), 1500th member of Transition California community, and extremely hot weather are the subjects of the Transition California 2012 Summer. All of these subjects deserve their own stand alone post but we opted for one on the Transition California Main Blog - please check it out here!

I hope everyone is staying cool and well during this heat spell - I was driven indoors by the heat and I have been working hard to catch up on the network management that I fell so far behind on. But most people during the summer are not glued to their computers so I did not think this community would resent my absence. I'm back now and so far our summer has been full of all kinds of activities and forward momentum. Click here to read our Summer 2012 Report

First thing I am doing is catching up on much needed member approvals and welcomes (still in the process) and apologies to those of you who have joined in the past few months who had to wait so long for your approval and then not even be properly greeted or welcomed into the community. I have a small team and do my best but this network is just one of many online networks and websites under my company's sponsorship and management and I are constantly looking for people who would like to help sustain these efforts - if any members in this community would like to become a Welcome Host/Hostess let me know. Email with 'Welcome Host/Hostess" in the subject line.

In June we had the 1500th Member join this community! David Gianfagna, a Los Angeles architect/designer whose main mode of transportation is his bike joined the community on June 29th! Please give him and all the 42 other awesome people who have joined since the last "member welcome' broadcast a warm greeting and connect with them if they are in your area!


Erinn Ramirez

Grass Valley


San Jose

Darkin Tanner

Penn Valley

Amber Seitz

Redwood City

John Sanphillippo

San Francisco

Charlene Faris

Newport Beach

Ariel Osborne


Edward Nold


Judes Kingsbury

San Luis Obispo

Sam Kampschmidt


David Gianfagna

Los Angeles

Lisa Cordeiro


Paolo Pecora


Claudia McDonagh

Castro Valley



Tatyanna M Wilkinson

North Hollywood


Olympia, WA

Catherine Lee Neifing

Arroyo Grande

Angela Bohl


Nick hoffman


Jared Michaels


Tony Passantino

South Lake Tahoe

Shawn Rutan


Tiare Ferguson

San Francisco

Paul A. Cook

Mountain View

Andrew West




Danielle Dao

Nevada City

Heloisa Botelho

Citrus Heights

Bernadette James

San Rafael

David G Lantz


Camille Power


David Cody

San Francisco

Hayley Currier


Cathy Randall

Rohnert Park


Santa Cruz



Until the next broadcast stay cool!


In Sustainable Solidarity




April 22, 2012

Greetings Transition California Community!

Today is Earth Day and we are spending it planting seeds for this years is 2:22 am as we write this special Earth Day broadcast and we are off to bed after we hit the send button.

The Earth Charter & Earth Day Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly...or Cheese & Crackers...or....

I have re-launched the Earth Charter Community Network that I successfully transitioned away from non-profit governance to a community member collaborative and we invite you all to check it out and endorse the Earth Charter - I created a nice endorsement certificate that you can download. READ MORE HERE

Our last broadcast asked members to shout out ideas for a state wide initiative and the response was overwhelming! 2 people out of the almost 1500 posted a reply... We did appreciate the artwork that the president from Transition Laguna Beach, Chris Prelitz, shared - isn't it awesome! And Michael Leas posted a link to an awesome video called 'Back to Eden'which can be watched online. We ordered a copy of the DVD to share with folks here in our neighborhood.

3:22am and signing off - Happy Earth Day :-)

In Sustainable Solidarity


April 10, 2012



Greetings Transition California Community


Earth Day is coming and after watching 'Fuel' we followed a lead that Bob Banner gave us about another movie by the same producers that is called 'The Big Fix'.  It is about the aftermath of the Gulf Oil spill that everyone with a brain cell knows is not being reported in mainstream media.  The movie will be officially released in June but the producers are fundraising and offering a special chance to host screenings to groups and organizations for Earth Day Click here for more info and to watch the trailer.





Check in with us and share your ideas for a statewide Transition California Community initiative. 


There are almost 1500 people in this community who live all over the state and if you read the profiles of each individual you will see that this community is made up of people who understand the "Power of One' in their own lives.  What would happen if all those people joined in common cause and took initiative?  Maybe it is time to find out what the California Titans of Transition are capable of...Click here to read more


In Sustainable Solidarity




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