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Transition Solutions Workgroups

Solution-oriented multi-topic forum designed for pragmatic visionaries to identify and share useful transition projects, businesses, & practices that will contribute to greater local self reliance and environmental health.

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Transition Solution Workgroups - Outline with Links

Rebuilding local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production, rethinking healthcare, rediscovering local building materials in the context of zero energy building, rethinking how we manage waste, all build resilience and offer the potential of an extraordinary renaissance—economic, cultural and spiritual.

- Rob Hopkins

1. Select the category below that most relates to your subject.
2. You will be asked to ADD A DISCUSSION. A subject title and contents will be required.
3. Post newclips, excerpts, links with synopsis, opinions, topical essays, discourse, debates, exchanges, theories, experiences regarding anything related to these general categories or sub-categories - or simply use Reply to contribute related material to existing discussions.
4. Remember, good editing is a plus. These postings enter search engines and contribute to the global solutions database.
5. Please help us edit, organize, and improve this outline by leaving
your comments below.

  • WORKGROUP: FOOD - local food production, food security, CSA's, Permaculture, organic, & biodynamic growing, building healthy soils, food preservation & storage, farming cooperatives, community kitchens, buying in bulk, grains, working animals, aquaculture
  • WORKGROUP: ENERGY - local renewable energy sources, distributed/decentralized energy grid, biogas conversions, solar, wind, CHP, wood, micro-hydro, biofuels, use reduction, zero carbon
  • WORKGROUP: TRANSPORTATION - pedestrian-friendly cities, bicycles, mass transit and long distance rail, reclaiming roads for other uses, alternative fuels, biofuels, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles
  • WORKGROUP: ECONOMY - local currencies, barter, childcare cooperatives, cottage industries, jobs & right livelihood, homeworking, cottage industries, green business & local entrepreneurship, local business, meaningful work, living wage.
  • WORKGROUP: HOUSING - natural building, retrofitting/eco-home renovation, affordable housing, developing/sourcing local building materials, Passivhaus, ecovillages, co-housing, changing zoning laws, adding tenants, home business, child-friendly communities, neighborhood sharing, multigenerational home design (tools, machines, etc.)
  • WORKGROUP: WASTE - reusing and re-purposing, reducing, buying in bulk & cooperatives, saying goodbye to plastics, neighborhood sharing (tools, machines, etc.), composting, vermiculture, composting toilets
  • WORKGROUP: WATER - rooftop collection & storage, purification & filtration, anti-privatization, community storage & distribution, conservation, earthworks for water harvesting, swales, ponds, gray- and black-water systems
  • WORKGROUP: LOCAL GOVERNMENT- gathering information, monitoring, history, liaising, informing, educating, involving local government members
  • WORKGROUP: WELFARE, HEALTH, WELLNESS - parenting & childcare, childcare cooperatives, parenting skills, playgroups, education, child-friendly communities, midwifery; elder care, including elderly in community life, multi-generational structure, Medicinal herbs, local medicine production, prevention, nutrition & exercise, health education, support groups
  • WORKGROUP: YOUTH EDUCATION - ecology & stewardship, k12 farm-to-school programs, school gardens, permaculture, school gardens, health & nutrition, diversity, global history & peoples, meaningful work at all ages, accounting skills, critical thinking skills, democratic family models and parenting skills, apprenticeships, lifelong learning and life skills, exposure to occupations & working whether than in documentary film, books such as Studs Terkel's WORKING, or special presentations by specialists, teaching, self educating. Experiential, Work Study, Independent learning. Catalyzing youth organizations, empowering youth to act for change and the common good, youth teaching youth, youth presentations & events - emphasis on civic duty & democratic principles. The earlier a child finds his strengths and interests, the more well adjusted the grown adult will generally be. How can we advance this early awareness?
  • WORKGROUP: RESKILLING, MENTORING, INTERNSHIPS, VOCATIONAL TRAINING - developing local products & materials, learning from elders & history, independent living skills, reuse, repairing, repurposing, reducing, recycling, community forests, fiber and animal care, spinning and weaving, cooking with fresh produce, cheese-making, soaps, plant-based textiles, baking, carpentry, blacksmithing, animal husbandry, bike repair, electronics, engineering, building skills - and the learning of all skills that lead to self reliance and sustenance.
  • WORKGROUP: MIND, HEART & SOUL - psychology of change, eco-awareness, music & performing/participatory arts, cultural events, cultural diversity, entertainment in film, arts, music, dance, performance, even athletic as in ReCreation and Olympics events. Opportunities for all to participate and enjoy culture (& all arts) - celebrating diversity and history reclaiming public space, celebrations, meditation & healing, spirituality, community-building, community programs pertaining to many aspects of life, culture and the arts. Rites of passage, group process, facilitation, mediation, social justice & democracy, fairness & inclusion, sexism/racism/elitism/*ism - i.e. the reduction & elimination of narcissism, which is based in artificial entitlement, privilege and competition which leads to unbridled greed and desensitization.
  • WORKGROUP: OUTREACH & MEDIA - organizing & promoting events, creating our own media, nonfiction films, PR writing, presentations, maintain contacts database
  • WORKGROUP: SECURITY, PREPAREDNESS, & JUSTICE - active citizen participation, military conversion, law enforcement, emergency training
  • WORKGROUPS: CRITICAL OPINION & ANALYSIS - This area would be where effective and eloquent voices have a space to criticize / comment / argue / debate about the failures, successes, the errors, the misconceptions about certain aspects of the Movement... so they can be aired. For example, the top down nudging, comments about ning, comments about the presentations....

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