It's one thing to be a single person trying to grapple with the complex adaptations that a transition to a sustainable lifestyle requires let alone being faced with raising and caring for children at the same time. 


Our culture depends upon family though to be the microcosm of the larger collective and Transition Families are a very specialized 'niche' - if you will - of determined and resourceful people pounding a path through an unexplored and unknown terrain...or is it a matter of simply remembering?


We may be living in a culture appearing to be completely devoid of our original instinctual connection with our environment but there is a great deal to be said about the biological/genetic memories that are available to human beings who find themselves responsible for offspring.  It is common knowledge that when a child is born the parent/parents always undergo a major shift in priorities and often go into deep contemplation about the future due to the fact that they are now responsible for sending a child forth into a future.  Parents go through a major transition just having a child so does it not make sense that Transition Families may well hold the key of understanding how to go through 'transition' and change? 


How would you describe your family and in what unique ways are you consciously moving through and into 'transition' as a unit?


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