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Regenerative Families & Children

The future is held in the hands of a child and rests in the intent of the parents who guide them through this transition. This group is to help families share and access resources/info for a peaceful/positive transition into a sustainable world.

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Making the transition to a regenerative and sustainable lifestyle as a family with children is often extremely challenging.  This group will host a list of organizations, resources, information, articles, and events focused for Regenerative Families.







What do regenerative families need during this time of transition? 

  • Support
  • Resources
  • Acknowledgement
  • Honor
  • Free name just a few...

Regenerative Families & Children community has been created as a place to share information and resources for and about families & children who are embarking upon this journey towards a sustainable future. 


Please add resources/info as 'discussions' below. 


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What does it mean to be a Transition Family?

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Started by Darlene Cavallara Apr 18, 2011.

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Comment by Darlene Cavallara on April 18, 2011 at 2:38pm

This is a picture of homeschooled and very creative Jade & Jaron Green who are giving a ride to their new pup in the garden cart.  Jaron is the one pulling with the 'taxi' hat :-)  They are 10 and 13 years old and have been learning since very young all the various arts of sustainable living with a special focus on communication, cooperation, and advanced conflict resolution skills.  We prefer to see our role as 'stewards' and guides in their growth and development rather than as 'parents' because we believe children come with their own innate wisdom and we are constantly learning from them.  Jade was 10 years old when he told us, "Global warming is happening because we are still coming out of the ice age which just ended 10,000 years ago, and you know in Earth's time that is a blink of an eye.  We are moving into a tropical age."   After he shared this perspective with us we realized that indeed although mankinds activities are definitely making an impact on our environment we do need to have a balanced understanding that there is more that we 'don't know' than what we 'do know'.  All of our current work is geared towards making sure that what we do know can help make Jade, Jaron, and all of the children of the future's great grandchildren a future of infinite creative exploration of positive and healthy living.  We show them this network and browse through all of the community member profiles showing them, "see - this man is making videos of organic gardening, and see this woman is a nurse who wants to help local youth learn about alternative healing, and this group is teaching how to preserve and clean water...etc etc"

Everyone on this network provides hope and inspiration to Jade & Jaron when they know so many 'grown ups' are working for their future.  We want to encourage all Transition Families to do the same with their children - they need to know that the world is a beautiful place full of promise.  Too many children are becoming lost and hopeless from the negative info overload that does not provide any 'solutions' or ways for them to feel their future can be good.  As a mother I personally want to thank all of you for being a part of this online community and a vital part of J&J's childhood and bright future from all of your dedication and commitment to a successful transition to a sustainable world.

Thank you

Dar of 'Dandarius'

Comment by Steve Tanner on March 30, 2011 at 10:06am
Thanks for adding this page -- I think our biggest challenge will be bringing up a generation of conscious, empowered and skilled people who are able to meet the enormous challenges just beginning to unfold now.  I'm confident my children will make much wiser choices than I did when I was younger.

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