We thought we would start the first discussion in this group with some thoughts about the issues that face us not just in regards to peak oil and fossil fuel.  Let's talk about energy in general - our own personal energy and the energy of the planet.  We know that everyday when we wake up we have varying levels of energy that we can exert into our day.  If we wish to sustain ourselves we have to make sure our energy output does not exceed the energy input that comes back to us as a result of our efforts.  Ideally we want to create a surplus so that on down days - like cloudy days to a solar panel - we have energy stored that we can use at our disposal.  In our mechanistic age we are so used to separating the parts of the whole we fail to see that even the 'money' in our lives really perfectly matches our energy and how we generate and handle it.  When we look at the global picture with a deeper understanding of energy generation and flow we can see that it perfectly mirrors humanities disconnect from source.  It is our hope that this group can serve to bring about not only information about the latest energy breakthroughs that serve to drive our cars or heat our houses but how we can make parallel breakthroughs in how we drive our egos and warm our hearts to create a surplus of energy that is easily stored for future use. 

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Here are some of my ideas of cultivating ones energy

Meditating on the Cultivation of virtues such as,
Focus: you are a Condor Soaring high, out of reach of your enemies, vigilant for opportunity, and laser like focus, sometime circling a field for hours to catch your prey mother mouse

Realistic outlooks on ones time.
Gain perspective through organization, calendars. Develop your sense of time beyond the clock. Musical time the rhythm of life. The ticks of a metronome the beats of a heart, the pitter patter of little feet

Plan while holding space for life's unexpected gifts. Over planning hardly leaves time for life to bestow its most joyous unexpected events.
Go with the Flow but try to cultivate a routine which works for you
Starting off every morning with a little stretching a mile run and a hearty breakfast works wonders for productivity. And whatever you do. Avoid alcohol and other substance until its time to relax.
Nurture yourself your body,
write down your first thoughts of he day
write down everything you have to do in a list and systematically pick it apart
Walk bare foot and sing at least once a day.
spend time in complete silence
Sing Every day
Approach work as a Serious Game
which is unavoidably fun
Use proper posture while doing you work and move from your core
Dont forget to breathe.
take a Deep breathe.
Make sure you get Energy in exchange for you work in the form of money. That way you gain credibility value and you have money to buy food. In addition Money is an amazing way to intensive a task. Once you are getting paid and there a deadline that task will naturally get focus, because it is what we exchange our life force for.

which brings to a more interesting matter which has been nawing at me. Money.. its not evil, it just people exchanging there life force. The energy they exert in the process of living in exchange for a form of credit which we call money. That is Why money gives people credibility, that is why people with alot of money have alot of credibility and alot of power. It is interesting though because it makes money a kind of mystical and imaginary thing. And it easy to see how something so powerful as the life force of a human concentrated in the form of currency could become so powerful. Is there a connection with money and spirit, why is our money so perverse? all these questions trouble me as i participate in this economy. I think money could be alot better if it was given some sanctity. Something that i like about islam is there banking system which is based on sharia law which forbids interest loans. I think if Banking systems had some kind of constitution to guide them away from creating debut based economies people would be in a better head space in general. A better head space is beneficial to productivity in my experience.

I look forward to hearing more insights on personal energy management because it is key to sustainability on a large scale. because if we integrate energy management into our personal lives. It could create a cultural shift where more people adopt energy efficient memes. There is already a growing trend in this direction but i have no illusion that such changes take time good conditions.

One further note my friend Damian is going crazy about free energy http://www.facebook.com/damian.salvo?ref=ts

I think its a fascinating idea but the ideal of unlimited power in the hand of humans is somewhat scary to me.

I think you've definitely struck a chord. there is much deeper cultural regeneration which must take place before any kind of infrastructure fancy building or anything else can really be an effective way to save the planet.
Dandarius, this post tells me we have even more in common than previously noticed.  Deciding how and when we might synergize is an adventure waiting to happen.

I love the intro to this topic.  How we heat our homes and drive our cars IS really a result of our own personal energies.


To start with: We don't really use energy.  We use energy services. We don't want 4,260 chemicals (inside computers, tv's)  in our house,  when all we want is to be entertained, communicate or share knowledge.  So we need to back up a bit and ask:  What is the root purpose for energy?

That's the latest from RMi (www.rmi.org) who are really the leaders in this field.  I started my career as a renewable energy engineer in 1977 with PG+E and it's been an interesting road. Amory Lovins (CEO of RMi) has a wonderful concept called negawatts - the energy that we don't use. A barrel of energy saved is way cheaper than one used.

The proper frame for this discussion needs to start with boundaries and scale. Are we talking about individuals or communities?   They are inter-related and as in permaculture - filled with rich transition zones.

Appropriate energy use is also something I've struggled to define since Jerry Brown started his OAT (office of appropriate technology) department in 1978. What's appropriate for one person is inappropriate for another.  One thing I know for sure is that using fossil fuel or electricity to heat or cool - is inappropriate use of energy.


Cradle to Cradle also offers three guideposts that can stand the test of time and scale:  Use CURRENT solar income, waste=food, celebrate diversity. Each of these is simple yet complex.  Example:  oil and coal are renewable energies!  - you just have to wait a couple million years. So the closer one gets to using 'present' available energy, the better it is. The best use of energy is like in our bodies = at the present moment.


I have designed and built three energy plus (beyond net zero) homes over the years, and am now on a road to help co-housing and eco-villages get into this concept.  It ain't easy.  I just experienced Sieben Linden in Germany - and they  will not use batteries for storing all their solar energy.  In a recent power outage, their composting toilet fans were inoperative for days - u can imagine the stench!  There are other ways to store energy besides batteries... compressed air, raised pumped water, hydrogen, fuel cells, etc. 

Ok - enough rambling...

fred k

I like the way you think fred. i think when i was writing i was making a refrence to how our internal dynamics become externalized. The first step to moving away from fossil fuels is to consolidate our energy for that transition. first as individuals and then as communities. otherwise we are building our solar panels on sand. what ways do i/ we expend my energy in ways which arn't empowering to me/ we. if we are spending our energy in ways which don't contribute to that neccecary to that shift, its a net energy loss.... 


i really like the idea of using water to store energy, or sand perhaps like the ancients. hydrogen is a great idea to beacaus the amonium exuded from the human waste is an excellent source of ammonium NH4. which according to studies conducted at ohio state university takes half the effort to split through electrolysis vs water. 


just saying. i hope the toilet situation get better



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