FDE - Transition - San Diego - Tijuana Bioregion


FDE - Transition - San Diego - Tijuana Bioregion

Mapped by Eco-designer Jim Bell, this cross-over region is a model for future bioregion creation.

Website: http://www.futuredawning.org
Location: San Diego County, CA & Tijuana, MX
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Comment by Darlene Cavallara on November 8, 2010 at 4:04pm
Thank you Mary for the information and we will send you a private message with our email address. We are very interested in the matrix you are co-creating and look forward to weaving it with you in whatever capacity we can. Do you have a budget and need for a web/network developer for the project?

Comment by mary rose on November 8, 2010 at 2:39pm
More on what we are doing. Future Dawning is a multi-dimensional organization and as such we have several different foci. But one of the main ones is to bring together 1 million of the most creatives minds we can find from around the world to address the "unprecedented in past recorded history" challenges the human family faces today. And i am already working with quite a few of the top research scientists in the world today on evolving human consciousness and creating sustainable living communities and issues related to these goals.

We want to create a network though which to disseminate the information we currently have and will soon discover as new ideas pop through. And for this reason will also be linking with each state in the U.S. via the grid Les set up and also into the 60 countries in Europe. We are also working with groups in Australia and Switzerland. I have over 3,000 connections on Facebook and 1600 on Plaxo that i will be inviting to join the FDE network as soon as i get time. Right now my focus is on developing the Community Center program in Campo. But, our plans are also to develop a plan for the City of San Diego so that we have a model for both a small community and a large city. Jim Bell ahs a very large following of environmentally-concerned people with whom he is connected in the San Diego region. So, once he can function will be inviting these people to come on board with us.

We are also closely connected with the straw bale group and will be inviting Hubble and Hubble Architects to join us as soon we get the time. Back in the late 90's we were part of a group that formed at National University and brought together people from the San Diego area as well as from Arizona and Mexico.
This group at one time put on a large demonstration in straw bale construction and sustainable development at the old Navy Training Center in downtown San Diego for Habitat for Humanity.

If you would send me an email address, i will be happy to send you more information on who we are and who we are working with at this time so you have a better picture, but at this time, do not have the ability to let you view it on a website.
Comment by mary rose on November 8, 2010 at 2:12pm
Hi Dandarius -

The two San Diego Transition Groups are different. One of them is for San Diego County and the other is for the San Diego - Tijuana Bioregion. I will be turning the San Diego - Tijuana Bioregion over to internationally-recognized Eco-Designer Jim Bell who years ago mapped this bioregion -- one of the few who know how to map a bioregion. Jim is having trouble with his computer and is out of the loop right now, but we wanted to get this set up as it is important information not duplicated anywhere else.

I also have a third website in the San Diego Region -- The Inland Mountain Empire region of which the headquarters is The Campo Community Center. I am currently working with the Center to make it a model for the Future Dawning Community Learning and Information Centers that we will be helping people to set up in every community that wants to become sustainable in the 50 states and the 60 countries that Les Squires has set up the grid for Global Transition in Action.

This model will be based on a program i am writing: "Moving Into: TOTAL WELLNESS. In the MIE area all of the schools located there will have gardens and will grow their own food organically. By next fall, the intent is to set up Farmer's markets throughout the region that will sell the excess food raised by the schools. We will also be implementing other programs based on health and wellness for the entire community. And as we develop these programs i will be posting information to the site as to what we are doing do other communities can, if they wish, duplicate the program. The Community Center here in Campo is part of the Medical Center here and so all programs are reviewed by Dr. Daniel Zannoti who is in charge of the Center here. The Center is affiliated with Grossmont Hospital and is part of the Sharpe's Healthcare program. The Center has received a 4-year grant of $200,000 to develop this program for the local community. Sixty-one percent of those living here and attending the medical clinic are under the poverty line and 25% of them have no health insurance. Many of them are on food stamps and other welfare programs. So, somehow, we have to assure that all are fed.

Happy to have you assist as i am in total overwhelm right now.

I will change the standard photo to the Future Dawning photo asap. and look forward to having members who may want to help develop the program.

with love and in gratitude for all that you do. m r
Comment by Darlene Cavallara on November 7, 2010 at 11:35pm
Hi again Mary - just noticed that there are actually 2 Transition San Diego groups that you created so we need to delete one of them...
Comment by Darlene Cavallara on November 7, 2010 at 11:32pm
Hi Mary

We wanted to join your group to help develop its membership - there are several folks on this network in the San Diego area so we will be sending them invitations. It would be good for you to upload a new photo (instead of the standard avatar for all groups) and add some text/content. If you want we can help...


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