This is a proposal for us to build a user friendly web portal to weave together all ecovillage projects, retreats, organic farms, back-to-the-landers in Northern California.  Those cultural creatives interested in co-creating a highly functional network of people who are both already doing something and who would support a team of folks around the singular agenda of importing the
mechanisms and framework that Lammas pioneered to get new zoning
codes/laws passed on a local or State level.

Many of the spokes of the wheel (organic farms, retreats, ecovillage projects) are already in place.  What we propose is a hub to link them and support those building the missing spokes for this wheel to run well on a regional level and to address institutional change regarding larger ecovillage projects.

A map of these various places would be part of this project. 

Who would interested in being a part of this project?

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Count us in - we would be happy to sponsor and contribute in the following ways:

Pay for domain -
Pay for website hosting
Contribute toward building website
Contribute content
Help find funding sources for team
Contribute toward network building

Anyone else game?
I'm a web designer and could also contribute toward building the site.

Awesome!  Let's talk sometime on the phone - send us your number in a private message okay :-)



That is a GREAT idea. It's a lot of work to do it right... Count me in as one of the spokes - my specialty would be in renewable energy and power systems with a focus on Lo-Cost and simplicity. Harvesting Rainwater would be a secondary specialty.

How would you propose to get this started?

First let's create a mission statement...

The EcoVillage Networks mission is.......

Then lets get a site plan together - what kind of a logo would we want and what kind of features and pages should the site have. Once a site is up - even an index page - then we can build on it.

We imagine we want to create a directory of sorts but not like the one on FIC or GEN - they are not very functional. Perhaps we should even launch a Ning network and each community could have a 'group'? Any ideas on this?
I think sub groups based on geographic proximity would be a good start, and identifying resources and people in each group. I also think we need to establish partnerships with the permaculture and tother related communities and link to them at the very least.

Comment: Ecovillage? I thought this was 'Transitions' I know they are very closely linked... but there are many other web sites linking co-housing + ecovillages ( ????

As the transitions handbook says... step one is to establish a baseline... i think this one is time sensitive - the earlier the better.

Here's a cut+paste from pg 71 of the transitions handbook on visioning:

Systems thinker Fritjof Capra's vision of 2030 is one where the ecological principle of
community has become the central organising factor for society. Taking nature as the model,
he told me, would mean that "we would have patterned our communities after . . . natural
communities, which means that we would use solar energy as our main energy source,
augmenting it with wind, biomass, and so on. We would have arranged our industries and our
systems of production in such a way that matter cycles continuously, that all materials cycle
between producers and consumers. We would grow our food organically, and we would
shorten the distance between the farm and the table, producing food mainly locally.
"All of this would combine to create a world that has dramatically reduced pollution, where
climate change has been brought under control, where there would be plenty of jobs, because
these various designs are labour-intensive, and as an overall effect there will be no waste,
and the quality of life would increase dramatically."
It's good to hear interest in this project. Here is my shot at a Mission Statement.

Ecovillage Network--Mission--To create a user friendly internet portal where people working to co-create communities integrated with their local ecosystems can easily find, connect and collaborate with people working on similar projects so that they can co-create a mutually beneficial local, regional and global networks in alignment with planetary systems that sustain all life.

Too wordy or grandiose? Please feel free to add your two cents.

I'm up for networking in Northern California and Southern Oregon and providing content.

I guess one question is how big of a net do we want to caste? Global, national, regional? This may determine how we would lay out the website.

I think it's agreed that we will begin with Northern California. How shall we define Northern California? Cut the state in half? in thirds? Being from Humboldt County, we tend to not think of anything below Mendocino County as Northern California.

We could take a bio-regional approach which would define regions by watersheds and predominant ecology of regions. This seems in alignment with an "Eco" approach rather than a nation state approach. We would use ecological distinction rather than arbitrary political boundaries. Check out for a map of California bio-regions. I kind of like this approach. It wouldn't exclude counties and the efforts to change local laws and such. It does move us from seeing ourselves from a political/tribal perspective to an ecological one.

Dandarius, a Ning network sounds great. Whatever is easiest for people to use. I know that linking with Facebook gets the message out to a larger audience quickly. I am not too savvy on this topic so I'll leave it to those who are.

Fred, I like the Capra quote. It fits with how I see humanity aligning with the earth and how we can learn and better integrate our way of living with it. Taking the best of the tribal connection to nature to a world centric and all inclusive level of being in the world.

For me, the Rumi poem below expresses my ideal state.

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing,
There is a field. I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn't make any sense.

I'd like this web site to be that "field" beyond the fragmentation of wrong and right doing, beyond moral exclusion.

I look forward to learning how we can work together to create an effective tool to weave the e-co-creatives together. There are certainly alot of us out here.
Awesome mission statement Shane and we like grandiose...'denied greatness' is one of humanities biggest issues! This community is Transition focused and the quicker everyone transitions to new community models based on sustainable living the faster we will become the 'status quo' community network...or the 'norm network'. :-) But seriously launching an effective network is a challenge and although this is a timely endeavor for all of us here in CA we have time to plan all this out and build a solid team to bring all the pieces together. We went ahead and mentioned this in tonights weekly broadcast. Could either of you send a message to the whole group inviting them into this discussion if they are interested? Simply click the 'send group message' link right above the box that shows all the members.

Will do.  I'm beginning to compile lists of ecovillages, retreats, organic farms and such throughout Northern California.  Most of my contacts are in Humboldt, Mendocino and Del Norte Counties.  I have many contacts in the Nevada City area and some other counties that I will use. 

Where in Norcal do you have most contacts?

We are in Nevada City but our contacts are all over the US.  It would be great to connect and include the intern EcoVillage at the Solar Living Institute...we can contact them.  They have a great model there that can be showcased.  Do you have Occidental on your list?   Hopefully more folks in this group will want to get involved - holidays are always a crazy time to try to connect so we will probably make progress afterward in January.  We are really excited about the potential of this endeavor.  Thank you for running point on it! 



Here's my 2 cents worth:   check out the directory at  = it has a comprehensive list of eco-villages ++  sorted by state.


Looking forward to helping out in the New Year.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

Fred K

Hi Chris

We appreciate your contribution but the subject here is creating a core group to launch an EcoVillage Network and although we totally agree with what you said about the burning man waste of human resources and the intriguing right-on conversation you had with your elder friend posting it here was not the best place.   Would you mind copy/paste this into the local currency & economy forum discussions so we can delete this one here?  We want to stay on subject. 

Thank you!


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