I just wanted to let y'all know we are here in our waterfront mini ecovilage in 8 apartments in suburbia 18 miles south of San Francisco and looking for others to join us.  You can read about us on our website at http://www.greensolutions.org/smcc.htm or see lots of pictures at https://picasaweb.google.com/ecosanda


I look forward to a transition group forming in this area.  I know there are some 25 miles south of us and also in the east bay.

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how would I arrange to visit?

send me an email directly to sanda at greensolutions.org

Just curious about what we are doing or potentially interested in living here?  Whenever I have openings, I post on craigslist, search on the word ecovillage

I live in Pacifica and still "envision" our little "berg" as a transition town. I'd love to see what your ecovillage offers, and to hear how you've come to be... I'll email you Sanda when I have an unscheduled weekend. Having to travel to Sacramento frequently for aging/ailing parents - you can officially call me one of the "sandwich" generation now, and don't want to put my children in that situation. Hoping for transition town/ ecovillage situation within next 10 years.


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