Hi guys. I've been trying to put my money in a better place than B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo, et all; for a while now. I've found some local banks in my area (Los Angeles) but am not so sure about them. I've also thought of putting my money with Permaculture Credit Union but they are in NM and only offer Savings accounts and credit cards.

Any thoughts on the matter? I feel like I'm perverting this slow/local money forum, but I want a place to put the government's money that aligns more with my values.


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welcome sergio!  We have moved our money to a local credit union of which there are several.  I would love to be kept up to date on your research for something even better.  Therese

Perverting this slow/local money forum?  Waz ya talking about... :-)

Moving our money is actually the subject of the next broadcast so we will do some research - your are in LA so we will check it up and get back to ya!   The New Resource Bank in SF is the one we bank with and we recommend it but you may want one that you don't have to mail a deposit to right? 



Funny you mention that bank. I was seriously thinking about going with it, but in the end decided to look for something more local. I might go the route of the permaculture credit union, but they don't do checking.

Wow - thanks for showing us the Common Good Bank project.  We are going to check it out and maybe get involved.  Cheers!


I agree, any local bank or credit union is better than the large corporate, nationals and multinationals who don't pay their taxes!  Local and community banks are absolutely essential for transitioning local economies toward self reliance and resiliency.  I'm a San Franciscan recently transplanted to Totnes where we're working on this very issue.  There's no local bank!  BTW, I'm in the UK but still bank with New Resource.


Cheers, Jay


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