I'm converting my large Berkeley home into a collective- for many reasons. We have two lovely housemates now, but as my partner and I  move along the path towards resilience, we're discovering we really want to to share with resilience-minded housemates and expand our gifts with theirs and do it together. Our last suite is now available. If you want to step towards resilience with other folk helping and supporting you in a collective home, please read on:

For Rent : 300 sq ft Suite with Private Bath & 1,300 sq ft Commons in Elmwood/Rockridge $1300 Month-to-Month


Our 300 sq ft suite being rented is in a large 1908 home, literally just steps from both the Elmwood and Rockridge districts. Unlike most shared living situations, our house has been reshaped to give everyone both privacy and easy-to-share common areas. So you get a totally private realm, with friendly, adult housemates who are working towards Transition, and eminently walkable Rockridge/Elmwood right outside your door.


Your Private Suite  -  This is the original master suite for the house. A 15.5’ by 11’ main room has a hardwood floor and a sliding door out to a semi-private deck. The master closet is 12’ with double shelving above (24ft of storage). There’s a lovely 8’ by 8’ side room with thick carpeting and two windows. The full bathroom is 8’ by 7.5’ with a large sink, and a tub/shower with a nice (lo-flow) showerhead. The deck gets constant sun, and could be the site for a small veggie container garden. The suite is sunny, and looks out across our roof to green avocado trees and a continual stream of birds and squirrels.


Your Local Neighborhood  -  Our Elmwood-Rockridge neighborhood is one of the most walkable in the East Bay. Buses for Cal, Oakland and San Francisco stop at either end of our block. We’re a 12-minute walk to the Rockridge BART. If you’re hungry, we’re close to dozens of restaurants, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. (Even closer to the amazing Star Grocery.) On Sundays you can walk down to the Temescal Farmers’ Market for local produce and live music.


         As you shift to pedaling through life, we have a lockable side gate and bike parking area. (One of our housemates bikes up to the Berkeley Lab for work most days—we’re not worthy!) When you do drive, freeway access is excellent in every direction. Yet we live in a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood that has easy street parking


The House  -  All 1,300 square feet of the first floor are our Commons. So make yourself at home in our comfortable living room, dining room, and small movie room. There's also a shared laundry room and sewing area. At the heart of it all is our huge, well-equipped kitchen. As well as full kitchen access and cooking rights, you have your own 3-shelf cabinet and small fridge for your personal use. No tiny corner in someone else’s fridge!

         Outside, we have bearing plum, apple, avocado, fig and persimmon trees. (I made what the household thought was a killer plum chutney this year.) And we’ve just started some potted tomatoes in a sunny corner to see what fares best there. 

         I've rethought the house to offer both privacy and efficient sharing. So the kitchen has been reworked for multiple cooks at the same time—with three work stations and a spare set of cooking burners. (It has become everyone’s favorite reconnect place in the evenings as we each cook and clean up.) The living room has three seating areas, for any combination of solitude and conversation; the long harvest dining table seats 8.

          We care about our planet, and live with a conscientious, conserving attitude. This is a big house, built for another era, so we’re serious about watching our utilities, recycling, and composting as much as possible. We’re moving further towards resilience and more self-determination, in forms we are starting to evolve. (If you love gardening, let’s talk!) We also try to keep things clean and neat. And fun!


Housemates  -  We’re a creative couple who both work from home. We have one mid-20's college-student son still with us. I'm a residential space planner, specializing in reshaping single family homes to better meet our needs for resilience. My partner has been an acoustic musician, editor and writer, but is now shifting to body/energy work.

         Our current mix of housemates includes a climate scientist and a grad student, and is working extremely well. As a collective our qualities are: educated, low drama, friendly, quiet at home, sense of humor, clean, naturally curious. Ethnically and culturally diverse. We’re socially independent people who relish coming home to a warm human connection before heading off on different paths. At home, we tend to collect in the kitchen,.... and we laugh a lot.

         All of us have tried living alone, and none of us liked it. It’s more fun to share new cooking triumphs and disasters, to hear about each others’ days, to sneak extra muffins into someone’s fridge space as a surprise, and be around people you’ve come to care about, who care about you too.


YOU ARE  - someone responsible and neat enough to live in a shared household. You can start with a conserving/recycling/aware way of living as we evolve towards resilience. You enjoy a family-style household that’s quiet enough for you to keep your focus, and respects your privacy when you want it. At the same time, you’re aware and respectful of others. And you enjoy being part of the informal camaraderie that happens in the commons. You definitely have a sense of humor!



-$1300 rent includes wifi.

-All other utilities are split by the number of people in the house that month.

-No smoking of any kind.

-No pets. We have one small non-shedding dog who doesn’t want to share his pack.

-We don’t have cable TV, but do have a movie room for occasional dvds.
-We do month-to-month rental, and ask for first month's rent and a $1300 security deposit up front. But we’re open to longer term tenants, once we all see how we fit together.
-Your suite is currently empty. We’ll begin showing on August 9th, but please contact us now so you can be in the queue. And so we can start getting to know each other.

(The last phase of the kitchen and new bathroom remodel is  on the verge of being done, but we are on Contractor Time, so who knows?)


INTERESTED?   - Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do? What’s your schedule? How do you contribute to making a welcoming place to live, work, and relax? And what ‘s your experience with self-reliance and resilience?

Ask for some pictures. We have them.


Loni & TJ

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