ecology & stewardship, k12 farm-to-school programs, school gardens, permaculture, school gardens, health & nutrition, diversity, global history & peoples, meaningful work at all ages, accounting skills, critical thinking skills, democratic family models and parenting skills, apprenticeships, lifelong learning and life skills, exposure to occupations & working whether than in documentary film, books such as Studs Terkel's WORKING, or special presentations by specialists, teaching, self educating. Experiential, Work Study, Independent learning. Catalyzing youth organizations, empowering youth to act for change and the common good, youth teaching youth, youth presentations & events - emphasis on civic duty & democratic principles. The earlier a child finds his strengths and interests, the more well adjusted the grown adult will generally be. How can we advance this early awareness?

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I've made a proposed California State Ballot Initiative that can greatly pave the way for ever increasing education into sustainable living for mass populations.  It is based in the most comprehensive step of amending the U.S. Constitution.


I've determined that government does not want us to be sustainable.  They prefer to term us a problem then tax us to control us and refuse to follow any law or provide any justice that might help us to be sustainable.


There are draft revisions to the first 3 amendments of the Constitution.  Basically this empowers the people for the peoples interests by enabling our uses of free speech to the maximum.


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