The Big Idea...

As we told you before we have been checking out everyone's profiles and many of you have some pretty incredible businesses, products, services,
and organization projects that we feel need to be highlighted and easier
to find.  

It would be pretty easy for us to create a posh well organized member directory of sorts that gives
each business a space for a logo, description paragraph, contact and
link so all of you could more easily find each other. 

All we would need is for you to send us a 200x200 jpg of your logo, a paragraph that describes your product, service, or project, contact
info, and website URL.  We would then begin building the directory. 

We would be doing a quality control inspection of sorts (meaning we are not going to list spammy sales letter pages or other swag crap that we
know you are not going to be interested in) and you must have some kind
of a logo/photo that YOU format at the right size (300x300) - sorry but
we spend enough time in Photoshop without the extra load.

Does this sound like a good idea?  Would you find such a directory helpful?  We do not want to invest a bunch of time into something that
is not going to benefit all of you.  We are really impressed though with
many of the sites we visited from links on this network.  If you have
an organization project or cause we will probably have them all listed
in another section?

Please know that this idea is selfishly motivated by us because we want to be able to find all of your websites in one well organized place - it
is hard to click through hundreds of links to see what is on the other
side!  :-)   

Please jump in and give us your thoughts on the idea...

In Sustainable Solidarity

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That was our feeling completely - there are over a 1000 members now so you could spend hours (we did) so we are glad you all feel the same! Cheers
This can be really fun - as we grow the listings we can do 'business/organization of the week" broadcasts as well so that folks who may not visit the network very much are still able to keep updated!

why not just edit tags with code or keywords and create the directories or feeds from that?
I love it!
It's not really what I am looking to Transition for.
Great idea. I will get together a submission. Thanks for putting the list together - it will be great to have.
I believe after having read up on Information Design(ID) and some of its principles,
that however the directory is designed it must be simple as simple design is the most effective.

I actually don't like going online much anymore with the litany of information boxes all vying for my attention offering me up an excessive amount of choices that require me to use my energy to ignore.

simple and selective. possibly 5-10 options given for each level of specificity chosen in getting closer to what one is looking for.

a list of 12,567 returns for a listing of "FOOD" does not help it just hinders.

I know that if I cared about what the internet has to offer like I once did I would learn how to code
but I care not for the internet like I once did.
I like it! Count me in! thanks!
Thanks for organizing. This is a great idea. I think it would be helpful to have a section specifically of businesses that are related to Local Self-Reliance for a Post-Petroleum World, which is of course a huge range of sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities. And then perhaps a seperate listing of all other member-related businesses.

Thanks again!



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