The Big Idea...

As we told you before we have been checking out everyone's profiles and many of you have some pretty incredible businesses, products, services,
and organization projects that we feel need to be highlighted and easier
to find.  

It would be pretty easy for us to create a posh well organized member directory of sorts that gives
each business a space for a logo, description paragraph, contact and
link so all of you could more easily find each other. 

All we would need is for you to send us a 200x200 jpg of your logo, a paragraph that describes your product, service, or project, contact
info, and website URL.  We would then begin building the directory. 

We would be doing a quality control inspection of sorts (meaning we are not going to list spammy sales letter pages or other swag crap that we
know you are not going to be interested in) and you must have some kind
of a logo/photo that YOU format at the right size (300x300) - sorry but
we spend enough time in Photoshop without the extra load.

Does this sound like a good idea?  Would you find such a directory helpful?  We do not want to invest a bunch of time into something that
is not going to benefit all of you.  We are really impressed though with
many of the sites we visited from links on this network.  If you have
an organization project or cause we will probably have them all listed
in another section?

Please know that this idea is selfishly motivated by us because we want to be able to find all of your websites in one well organized place - it
is hard to click through hundreds of links to see what is on the other
side!  :-)   

Please jump in and give us your thoughts on the idea...

In Sustainable Solidarity

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While i like this idea, I operate on a shoestring and do not have a lot of computer skills. So, is it possible for you to put up a form that would have space for the logo and do the resizing automatically when we upload the photo?
We can help those who have limitations with their photos....please send us your info and photos to
Hello -

I like anything to make this ning experience more easy. I have found it frustrating and that's the only reason I do not participate more. The other evening for example, I found someone discussing 1000 suns, after watching the movie, I wanted to thank the person who took the time to tell us about it. For the life of me, I could not get back to that discussion, it was just so frustrating.

Where do we send the 200 by 200, just as a response to the And I found it a little confusing to see the 300 x 300 in the letter sent out to us. Which is it?

PS Mary,

If you go to you will find that re-sizing photos is easy there.
Sorry - 200x200...we explain more below

I would like to contribute my company information and have access to other companies to use through the network we have going here. Will there be an announcement about whether this project is going forward?
I think it is a great idea to showcase the skills, services and products we have here within Transition. As Karen mentions, please let us know if it is 200x200 or 300x300 you prefer for the logo size (also the size of file may be good - i.e. 4 seconds) and where to send it.
Good morning everyone...

Apologies for the 300x300/200x200 mistake - we were playing around with tables and word counts and discovered 200x200 would be best but we forgot to switch it on the broadcast. So the photo would be 200x200

Mary Rose - for those in your situation and similar we can do the photo editing, we just did not want to have to do hundreds of them.

Karen - thank you for the feedback. The discussion forums are kind of a mess and we have contacted Ning because there is a glitch that is not allowing us to move discussions around. We want to reorganize the whole thing and are working on it. As far as where to send the information please email it to:

Janice - we figured we would organize the information by region/town for sure to make it easy for folks to find people in their area.

Tina - yes we will be announcing and keeping everyone updated as we launch - basically it will be a page that everyone will be able to watch the development of and keep giving us feedback and input on.

Very encouraging feedback - please email us:

200x200 jpg logo/photo
Brief description (maximum 700 characters including spaces - you can use the word count tool on word doc)
Website URL (complete htm//)
Name of Town you live in

email to:

We will start building the pages when we receive some content.

Some things are regional, like sales of food , but land or housing could be under a larger region SOB, SB and Ventura, Ojai. We want to do our part here too in Ventura!!
great idea, I would do it and use it.
I like this idea. May we give more than one URL?
We don't see why not - just make sure you stay within the character limit...

We started building the structure and we are happy to see everyone's enthusiasm. We will do our best to organize things simply as it grows.

Great idea...
I have found the wading-through-links-to-see-what-folks-are-up-to rather daunting - having a go-to list would be most helpful


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