I'm writing a new book, Board Your Ark: How to Survive and Grow Rich When the Ship of Civilization Sinks.

As Tom Friedman says in Hot, Flat, and Crowded,"We need a million Noah's and a million arks." Each ark, or local community, would be a sustainable unit, networked with others, such as what we are doing with the Transitions movement. Noah's are those who take leadership in bringing the elements together necessary to sustain viable arks.

I'd like to know the names (and contact information if you have it) of people who are Noah's for you. These are people who are your heroes in leading us from the old to the new. Hopefully I can interview some for my book.

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Bill Mollison, Larry Santoyo, Bill Roley, Wes Rose, Margie Bushman, Kathryn Santoyo, Richard Smith, Richard Heinberg, Rob Hopkins, Vicki Robins, Wendell Berry, James Howard Kunstler, Daniel Pinchbeck (see his and Reality Sandwich blog at the left column of my page), Michelle Long (http://www.hopedance.org/cms/content/view/202/93/)
BALLE: Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Dieter Duhm
Founders of the Global Ecovillage Network

People no longer with us:
Idries Shah, Rumi, Rene Guenon

thats enough for tonite.

thanks for asking!!
My grandparents were my living heroes. My grandmother moved to California during the dust bowl and settled in the San Francisco Bay area, she taught us about community living with my uncle, mother and both grandparents living under the same roof, growing backyard vegetables and walking, riding bicycles and learning how to conserve water at a young age.

In the 80's my aunt and uncle bought an suburban residence and used a grey water system to tend a 1/4 acre garden which was crop shared with other members of our family. Today I have 5 back yard urban gardens and share food within my neighborhood. My mother to this day helps me grow using organic techniques she learned while living in a commune in Washing state. My family has been my local heroes.

Countless seniors that I have met over the years at convalescent homes have been living historical references of how growing food was done using natural organic methods long as a way of living. To this day, I visit local senior centers just to sit and listen to how people used to grow food, live with conscious respect with the earth and most of all how to share this knowledge to the next two or three generations.

Rita Gene Thompson, Stanly Thomposn, Donna Klein (thompson), Carol Howard,
I'm not trying to claim anything special. I didn't know much about the permaculture movement other than from friends interested in it.. I am ony a novice, but it just seems to be from within me that I seem to understand and relate to the cooperative existence with earth and other communities. I can't explain why I know these things other than, I find myself sharing my own personal life which bring awareness on a one on one level. I have been able to work within corporate american and some government institutions all on my own for the past 21 years.

Sustainability was my way of thinking since the 1980's but I didn't have a name for it. I worked for Environmental Contamination testing labs, biotechnology as an Environmental Manager helping employees to become steward within the workplace and focused on at home behaviors. For many years, I travelled around the country evaluating social, economic and environmental impacts our business had, before GRI and EIS were required. In addition, Í just seem to share without realizing the process at most times.

I have been a reader and visitor to many American Indian tribal members and always felt at home with them.. While visiting indigenious peoples in Asia the same feeling of at home was felt as well. I hope this helps...
Ironically, I am just doing the research to see why my super hero Thom Hartmann is so angry at Tom Friedman. Thom recommended to do this that I see his book review of Bad Samaritans, the Myths of Free Trade- Hartmann's big problem with Friedman is this- globalism = free trade= Milton Friedman. Just finished the first chapter of Hot Flat the other day- Friedman likens the American economy to that of a high security embassy in Afghanistan so tight that not even a bird that flies over it is free. Well seems to me plenty of our manufacturing, trades and jobs somehow got over that high security wall of ours fast enough with those tax cuts to the rich, shaping the new world order of a permanent class of corporate slaves.

I wrote a simple article about this back in January http://bit.ly/821QFX
Thom’s book review of Chang’s Bad Samaritans http://blog.buzzflash.com/hartmann/023

By the way, Tom Friedman is speaking at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento the 30th. If you give me an email, I can forward you an RSVP.

Would really like your feedback because in my deep frustation and especially now even signing on here today, am having this dialog with other heros of mine such as Kevin Danagher from Global Exchange, whose wife is Benjamin- from Code Pink. Global exchange out of SF is certainly a big hero because of their work in Free Trade. Kevin did release a statement to me regarding how he wish Friedman would help out more in getting the message out that he would be more helpful if he would focus more on local economies.

Thanks for the reply. As we go deeper into our own understanding and that of others, we begin to see some of the deeper connections as well as contradictions in our own thinking and that of others. For me, Thom Hartmann has a deeper understanding of the limits we face than Tom Friedman, though there are things that Friedman says that resonates with me. It would be great to hear them on the same forum together.
Yes, thx for your reply. I loathed ordering my book Hot Flat and Crowded, because of knowing about the free trade economics of Freidman's father's works in Chicago. I will confer you with you now after further reading the 2nd chapter, that Friedman's grasp of how to break the global warming issue down to his readers is great. I have found no other perturbation other than the comparison of America's economy to that of the maximum security wall. I may get invited to a press conference with him and could ask him to explain that metaphor with what seems to be his then contradictory call for a one dollar patriot tax on a gallon of gasoline after 911 to pay for the war. Kudos to him for reminding everyone we actually do need to pay for our wars. However, his reasoning in asking for the tax was to protect our economy while we transition and use that tax money to pay for a green energy economy for the United States. I tell you, there is a broadcast of Ron Reagan jr, who came out against his own father's leadership to privitise, I believe, it was social security. My point is, it must be difficult to publicly disagree with a famous father.

Thx very much for your reply and I will look forward to getting a copy of your book, though further feedback from me is that I have a problem with the word 'Rich' rather than words more along the lines of prosperity, abundance....I suppose this is because I have been learning more and more about slavery lately, and the metaphor of 'rich' has come to me to mean getting rich off the backs of others sweat. Especially when those slaves are demonized as lazy and deserving of their position in life. Of course, I am sure that is not the image that would come up for you. Just throwing my 2 cents in.

The Board Your Noaa's Ark reference is lovely, and I utilize that in my environmental sci classes quite a bit.
Karen, I've gone through a number of working titles for the book (which so far, no publisher has jumped on, so I'm writing chapters and posting them for free). If you're interested I can give you the links.
-wow, I would love that opportunity Jed.

I actually have quite the background in sales and am very concerned with messaging. Here is my email address: karenhansen108@comcast.net
or just post them here and maybe others would have input too.
We would be interested in reviewing what you have for possible digital publishing.


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