“If a Transition initiative cuts carbon and/or builds resilience but no-one measures it, has it made any difference?” The answer is yes, a bit, but nowhere near as much as it could do.

What measures have you been using or could you use?
What tools could make that measurement easier?

At the individual level, online PG&E accounts make it easy to get monthly kWh and therm usage. And fueleconomy.gov can give you your car's mpg.
At the town level, city-data.com has information such as travel time to work.
Does anyone know how we can get electric and gas usage from PG&E at the town level?

Other Measures

• percentage of food grown locally
• amount of local currency in circulation as a percentage of total money in circulation
• number of businesses locally owned
• average commuting distances for workers in the town
• average commuting distance for people living in the town but working outside it
• percentage of energy produced locally
• quantity of renewable building materials
• proportion of essential goods being manufactured within the community of within a given distance
• proportion of compostable "waste" that is actually composted

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