I have an idea for an invention!!

I think there should be an invention that recycles shower water.

Wait! Before you think "EW!", know that you can turn the switch on or off.

That way, if you want to wash yourself first, and then enjoy a few extra minutes, you may do so with water that goes down the drain and back onto you again, 

And you're already clean, so you don't have to worry about it being gross.

Just an idea that is simple and may help. I know I enjoy a nice longer shower every once in a while, but feel very guilty if I do. Showering and bathing is actually a very therapeutic exercise, which can reduce stress, so I feel that enjoying your shower is important. 

With this idea, the only thing you would have to worry about is the way you could get the pressure. I have no technical know-how on the subject, (besides my attempts at creating a self-propelling fountain) so this idea is absolutely up for grabs!! It is not up for grabs to anyone who wants to patent it. This is a free idea, meant to be shared for the benefit of mankind and mother earth.

Please post your invention ideas if you have them!! Don't be shy!! Even if it's just a problem you would like to see a solution to, feel free to discuss it here.

Thanks so much.

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Grey water recycling has been discussed and implemented in many different ways, and depending upon what is found in the grey water, it can be used for plant watering, indoor reuse, and other applications.

Greywater article on Wikipedia

Thanks so much for the info! I read through most of the article. I would like to see action in implementing the grey water recycling and hot water recycling as standards for new construction!

Sounds like alternative building would be the place to go to look into that and connect with others that would be interested. There are all sorts of projects going on throughout the world that are experimenting with community models, city models, individual buildings, and living spaces that are being redesigned with new ideas.
Here are a few TED Talks on Architecture, I watched the one on "metal that breathes" and the wooden skyscraper one looks pretty cool...


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