Does anybody know what button I select or highlight
to update my address or change my booklist on my
profile ?

Why is the category I am posting to preselected for
me as land stewardship, food and gardening ? I di
not choose this category.

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When you are signed in and go to the "My Page" tab at the top of the page, it will take you to your profile. There, underneath your name, you will see "Manage 'My Page' or 'Photo'". Click on the 'My Page' link to edit your profile, or the 'Photo' link to update your photo.

In regards to the "Land Stewardship, etc": When you create a forum post, there is a drop-down menu below the text you enter to indicate category. RIght now, there is no category which would be appropriate to this post, alas, so the category you got is just as good as any other. Maybe Dandarius can make a "General Site Ideas" category or some such. Hope this helped. Sorry I didn't see your question for a while!
Hi Troy and thank you Judith for helping with this - we completely missed it amid all the activity. We will make sure to update the category forums so folks can easily find answers and direct questions...



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