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This film goes into a lot of detail of how we got to where we are today with an ardently fostered dependence on fossil fuels.  I especially appreciate its going into details of Rudolph Diesel's life and death.  He may have been murdered to prevent development of his vegetable oil run engine.  I find a a researcher has posted that he was quite possibly murdered by German agents to keep the engine from getting to the allies.  That engine basically made the U-boat submarines operational. 

I recently got a van like the one the narrator of the film shows at the end.  It is not designed for biodiesel nor vegetable oil but it can be fairly easily converted.  I don't like how it is very dependent on service and parts from Mercedes.  I don't like how diesel engines appear to approach inherent design now to be somewhat incompatible with biodiesel or vegetable oil.  There appears to be ways to get around that problem.  Ultimately, I'd like to see neighborhood machine shops turning out vegetable oil plug-in hybrid electric cars.  My van is in good shape though and I hope to start a low-carbon urban farms and gardens service using it shortly.

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