Equine Assisted Learning- How does Herd Behavior Reflect Human Social Systems Internship

 No other animal has contributed more to the modernization of mankind than the horse. Both the horse and human have social systems that have many parallels. Understanding and comparing the way horses communicate and interact can be key to a successful change in our culture. When the lessons learned are applied to our relationships and true self reflection occurs a world of understanding and compassion flows effortlessly from our hearts. Through our modernization as a civilization we have learned to quite our inner knowing and fall into the routine. Horses provide an end to the mundane, a door to open if you are willing, and clear mirror when your ready. Peaceful Hearts Ranch in Temecula, CA is offering a two week, live in  internship program. Spend your time learning from seven magnificent horses, who provide the mirror for growth and change within yourself. By observing the horses you will learn much and more about their communication. Through meditation you will connect to your deeper self, and through Equine Assisted Learning sessions you will begin the process or continue the process of self awakening. The goal is for you to walk away with a deeper understanding of your own decision making processes. The self reflection, and learning comes while experiencing success' and failures with the horses, discussing them, and allowing you time to process. You will gain great knowledge of equine care and all of this on a beautiful ranch in a loving environment. Yoga and meditation park on the property as well extended stay camper trailer which is fully furnished. Live the change and start right here! 

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